6 Types of Women's Sexual Pleasure

SeributawaNews - Making sex is not routine, certainly need a smart strategy. You need to add different spices to make love to a story in the style of the bed always anticipated. So, middle-aged love what became a favorite with women? 

From romantic to Animalistic sex, find out how to keep sex fire "burn" your bed and your partner, forever, as reviewed Aksmen. 

Seductive sex 

Sticky face-to-eye conversation with the couple and intimkan flattery and compliments to you both drift into sexual energy. Later, the couple kiss as he led her into the bedroom and slowly undressed. 

Maintain eye contact during lovemaking scene. Keep all your attack speed and pressure, without spending too much noise. 

Romantic sex 

This type of sex is good when you both feel relaxed and not pressed for time, such as on weekends. Time to enjoy the fact that there is nothing to do but enjoy each other's bodies. 

Here's your chance to give her what she wanted, namely foreplay romantic and satisfying. Give caresses in all sensitive zones, including the thighs, buttocks, back, neck, feet, and breasts. Take advantage of the element of intimacy, like light candles and sexy music. 

Furthermore, live sex in the scene is slow and rhythmic. Let both of you enjoy every sensation, such as slow motion in film. 

Quickie sex 

This type of sex is fine if you're pressed for time, stress, or in unusual locations where you are prohibited from having sex, such as offices or at the beach. Do it quickly, to the point where you both feel the orgasm. 

Kinky sex 

Use a scarf or tie to tie both hands behind your head or to the bedposts, then make it your slave. Or close his eyes so he just guessing what will you do next. Birahinya teased with feathers or cabbage ice. 

You can also ask her to wear sexy lingerie and showing striptease for you. He can do a lot of roles that are ready to make you turn on. 

Animalistic sex 

When you and your spouse was burned "fire" tempestuous sex, foreplay long it feels like suffering. Experience alone Animalistic sex. 

Hold your partner's body, kissed with a passion, then uninstall clothes as quickly as possible. Do romance in doggy style on the floor above the living room or kitchen table, if you want it. 

Do it quickly and loudly, grunting "noise", like animals that are full of lust. 

Passionate sex 

Maybe one time you are away on business and had met the couple a week later, or maybe you had a big fight and need to fix the relationship. Your passion burning, as if to "devour" each other. 

Sex after war can be fun. The resulting sex must be powerful and deeply felt. Hold on to his body and make love like he was the only woman you want and need


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